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The inflammations in Oto-rhino-laryngologie and more curiously those concerning the sinuses (maxillary, frontal, ethmoïdal, sphénoïdal) are more and more frequent in all countries of the world. The pollution, the allergies, the food, the tobacco addiction and a lot of other factors contribute to accentuate the pain. How many times one doesn't have sensible around us of the complaints of the kind:

In short. Sometimes one has difficulty identifying the origin of the pain, because all headaches don’t have for origin the sinusitis. For those that know it, they discourage themselves at the end of one time of treatment because they don't see to come the recovery and the financial means reduce. one even affirms that him impossible to heal the sinusitis

It is in order to bring our modest contribution to the treatment of the handicapping sinusitis for youth that as anthropologist and teacher - researcher, witness of the death of one of our students suffering from the sinusitis in a hospitable center of Coast of Ivory that we turned toward the tradipraticien Doctor Coulibaly Yédiety Edouard (peace to his/her/its soul) that initiated us to the treatment of the sinusitis to basis of plants.

In order to master this phytomédicament, the tests toxicological, pharmacological, microbiological and phytochimique has been achieved. It is therefore a product that gave his/her/its proofs of efficiency called GP20 (Group of Plants to the twenty virtues) that we put at the disposal of the medical scientific community to CNS-SINUSITIS.

He/it permits to heal the sinusitis definitely contrary to the unfavorable prejudices.

Our center puts to contribution conventional physicians and tradipraditiens of health in the treatment of the sinusitis. Very early this center benefitted from professor émerite Yangni Angaté advices, ex - president of PROMETRA - Coast of Ivory. For this surgeon of the Ivory Coast of renown, it cannot have a good collaboration between the modern medicine and the traditional medicine that if this last begins on the way of modernity.

The Center of Naturopathy Spcecialized in Sinusitis (CNS-SINUSITIS) is the example of the collaboration succeeded between the modern medicine and the traditional medicine.

He/it is blamed to the traditional medicine for leaning on three measurements of health to take care of a patient. Let's know that in our center, one does comfortably without the spiritual dimension, social to privilege the physical dimension only through the consultation clinic and biologic that marries the Cartesian rationality. In clear, to take care of a patient, he/it is not at all need of reconciliation of the patient with his/her/its family or all those that have an influence on his/her/its health, nor to submit to the rituals of confession, of purification, of consecration to God, to minds and to the forebears.

We can affirm therefore that the land is favorable to CNS-SINUSITIS to enter in modernity. It is probably the fact that he/it is only interested in only one pathology, the infections rhino sinusiennes.

The researches in view of the transformation galénique of the GP20 are in progress.

The advices of the National Program of Promotion of the Traditional Medicine (PNPMT), of the organization West African of Health (OOAS) and of Professor Yangni Angaté permitted us to get a patent of invention in 2009.

We finally invite all those that suffer from the sinusitis to contact us at these phone numbers
(00225) 22 47 00 80 / (00225) 08 91 47 47 / (00225) 07 84 36 73


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To heal the sinusitis without pain it is not anymore a dream but a reality.
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