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The Naturothérapie is the treatment makes from the elements of the nature (air, water, plants and earth).

In our domain, it is about the treatment to basis of plants.
According to statistics of the WHO 80% some African populations have resort to the treatment makes from the natural elements.

The sinusitis is the inflammation of the cavities sinusiennes. In clear, it is the infection of the mucus contained in the cavities sinusiennes.

The symptoms :

The different types of sinusitis:



Protocol of hold in charge medical

The patient is welcomed to the secretariat for the general information. After this stage, the secretary drives it at the Director Technique for an interview more deepened. This last explains to the patient marks it of treatment practiced at the Center. A file is then open for the patient who accepts to make the treatment.

We signal that the Center works in collaboration with three (3) physicians, two (2) male nurses regimental adjutants and two (2) nursing helps. The patient is driven then at the physician for a consultation in order to deliver him a bulletin to be able to make a x-ray (blondeau).

In the event that the patient already has a x-ray (blondeau) that confirms that he is sick of sinusitis, he is admitted in room of cares. The treatment makes itself by nasal application of the Gp20 in order to make drain the mucus infected of the cavities sinusiennes.

The treatment makes itself by sitting. The number of sittings depends on the degree of the infection. To title of example, the number of sittings of a patient reaches a sharp sinusitis, won't be the same that the one reaches a chronic sinusitis. Our method of treatment is qualified of without pain and revolutionary. . she/it makes herself/itself without puncture and without surgical intervention, but by the drainage of the tainted mucus contained in the cavities.



In the worry of the respect of the health of the patients, the CNS-SINUSITE center endowed itself with an ethics respected scrupulously by the medical and nursing staff.

The set of the staff of the center is to the patient's monitoring to bring some solutions to all his/her/its préocuppations.

In our center, we apply the strict hygiene measures for the patient's security and we think that hygiene is the first remedy for the recovery of all illness.

The conditions of treatment

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To heal the sinusitis without pain, it is not anymore a dream but a reality
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